Ananya Centre  for Special  Children

Ananya Centre for Special Children was started by PRAVARA Educational Trust in April 2008. Ananya is a Learning Centre for Children with Special Needs especially children on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). It is a non-profit organisation which provides services to people who cannot afford special education for their children.

  • Provides a safe learning environment for all the children.
  • Facilitates learning by creating an individualised education plan (IEP) for each of its students.
  • Children get the attention they need either in 1:1 sessions or in small group sessions.
  • Children get to learn the 'Visual' way.
  • A lot of work is done on improving language, comprehension behaviour and social skills.
  • The Extra Lesson™ Therapy is done to help children with learning and behavioral difficulties on a 1:1 basis with a professionally trained Extra Lesson™ Practitioner.
  • iLs programs (Integrated Listening System) is done to help children with attention and auditory processing difficulties.

We have a great team of dedicated Teachers, Educational Psychologist, Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist, iLS Practitioner, Extra Lesson™ Therapist and Nutritionist.

Contact us:
Kondapur Branch
Ananya Learning Centre
101, Patel Wisdom
Sree Bagh, Kondapur
Hyderabad - 500 084
Landmark:  Near Google Kondapur
Mobile : +91 98485 46504

Ananya Learning Centre
Plot no. 1271/A
Road No. 63, Jubilee Hills
Hyderabad - 500 033
Landmark:  Near Jubilee Checkpost
Mobile: +91 98485 46504

Please call between 9 AM and 5 PM.

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