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Updated: Oct 18, 2022

7 Effective Self-Help Activities for Child’s Better Development

7 Effective Self-Help Activities for Child’s Better Development

Best Child Development Centers

Some of the daily life skills that a child performs are using the toilet, brushing teeth, bathing, eating, interacting socially, reaching out to objects and holding them, visual perception and recognition of things which are all necessary for their independent functioning.

Some ways to encourage self-help activities in children and these are:

Stair Climbing.

When your child completes about 12-18 months, you must encourage them to discover the joys of climbing. They will want to climb on everything and everywhere. It is, however, essential to be careful in the beginning. Hold their hands as they go up and down. This will improve their balance and strength of the muscles, enhance the coordination of the body-mind, and help them focus.

Guide your child on Eating.

It would help if you started by assisting them to eat using a spoon or fork. Describe their actions and try to make these activities interesting for them. Once they get familiar, you should also encourage them to use their fingers to eat. Using a fork and spoons to eat increases their fine motor skills and teaches them to be independent.

Holding Brush and Toothpaste.

It is crucial to give your child a brush even before he turns two just for fun. Just pretend as if you are playing with them and act like you are brushing with lots of movement to make it fun for them. This will help increase their likeness towards the activity and help them become more familiar with the process.

Washing Hands.

This is the most critical and hygienic behaviour your children can learn to do independently. This is because you will not always be around to ensure they do. You will have to explain to them that hand-washing activity is not only for keeping their hands clean, it also helps them to get rid of germs and prevents them from falling sick.

Brushing hair:

This is another skill they can learn while standing in front of a mirror and following your movements while standing beside you.

Helping around the house.

Some good model habits like cleaning, placing things in the correct order and the right places, and cleaning the bed will help them to develop skills for self-help activities.


Teach your child how to dress up. All children may not take the same amount of time to learn, but you need to keep your cool.


To encourage self-help activities among children, you should be calm and use rewards to appreciate your child through verbal gestures or praises.

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