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Child Refusing to go to School? – Here’s a Checklist

Does your child refuse to go to school? There could be various reasons. It could be small signs of frustration or a warning of sign of trouble. It is best to avoid jumping to conclusions about what these complaints or behaviours mean.

Take a little time to discuss with your child. Decode the complaints. For e.g. Your child may be finding schoolwork extremely hard. He/she might be missing some of the skills to do their work. It could be an early warning sign of a learning disability.

If you observe any of the behaviours listed below, and you do not receive an appropriate response from your child, please ensure you meet a psychologist.

  • Complaining about school all the time

  • Does not discuss much about what happens in school with parents

  • Prefers to stay isolated at home

  • Over or under sleeping

  • Complaining about feeling sick before going to school in the morning

  • Temper tantrums

  • Aggressive behavior

  • Separation anxiety

  • Crying frequently at school and wanting to go home

  • Getting into fights with teachers or parents about school

  • Being bullied

  • Fighting with peers often

  • Excessive academic challenges

  • Panic

Some children may not be able to express exactly what is wrong. A talk with your child's teacher as a check-in can be extremely helpful. It is extremely important to pinpoint exactly what it is that’s really bothering your child about school—and discover if it really is exactly what he/she was complaining about. It is best to take up the matter at an early age and address it appropriately, else this may lead to complicated behaviours/attitude in adulthood.




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