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Once I know my child has Autism what should I do?

Firstly, you might find yourself coping with a condition you know very little about. Here are some ideal tips

  1. Read about the condition & sign up for newsletters to be updated with global information on new methods and trends.

  2. Consult a child psychologist who is specialised in early intervention. The child needs a combination of therapies – Speech therapy, OT & Behaviour modification therapy.

  3. Start therapy immediately. This is a crucial step. Remember it’s a long and continuous process. While deciding on the therapy centre for your child consider the following: a. Logistics – Traveling everyday should not be tiresome for both you and your child. Choose a centre closest to home. b. Qualified therapists – Make sure the centre has qualified personnel.

  4. Join a parent group on social media – This will keep you up to date with the local happenings & other information.

  5. Transform a corner or a room if you have a spare one to do the home activities - It is imperative that you do the home activities for comprehensive improvement.

Seek help as soon as you suspect something’s wrong. Don’t wait to see if your child will catch up later or outgrow the condition. The earlier your child gets help, the greater the chance of success. Early intervention is the most effective way to speed up your child’s development and reduce the symptoms of autism over the lifespan. And don’t forget. Take care of yourself.





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