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Covid-19 Lockdown – Our Story on our Webinars

The first thing that struck us was ‘how to support parents. And the question How? rolled on to us like an avalanche. For 13 years we have been in the brick mortar model giving personalized one on one services at our centres.

And so, we began! First with “Homework”. Our team of super good therapists churned out worksheets like flashes. And the parents grabbed them like hotcakes. The online therapy sessions had begun almost simultaneously, and it was a delightful scenario to see the children responding.

Kidsens Connect ( helped us go online seamlessly.

While providing the online therapy sessions, we were planning our Webinars. We wanted to bring the best from all over the world and we launched our first series of international webinars.

Our first webinar was on May 9th at 4.30 PM, “Q & A Session on Autism Therapy” was conducted by Madhavi Adimulam, founder Autism Society of Andhra Pradesh & Ananya Child Development & Early Intervention Clinic, Hyderabad.

The second one was on May 13th by Nicola Lathey, Speech Therapist, founder of Owl Centre UK. She spoke on “Speech and Language Development in Children between 0-6 years”.

Our third webinar on “Teaching Selfcare Skills to Children (ADLs)” was conducted by Kerri Surtees, Paediatric Occupational Therapist, Quebec, Canada, on May 15th.

The fourth one on “Speech Therapy Ideas for Home” on May 18th was conducted by Rynette Hartman, Speech and Language Therapist, Foxes Academy, UK.

The fifth was on May 22nd on "Managing Difficult Behaviours at Home" by Dr. Andrew Nelson, Director of Direct Services WV Autism Training Center, USA & Dr. Catherile Goffreda Bailey, Psychologist and Autism Specialist, Marshall University, WV, USA.

The sixth was on “Understanding ADHD” on May 25th a webinar designed for both parents and professionals by Isha Singh, Clinical Psychologist & Dr. Saurabh Kumar, MBBS, MD (AIIMS) – Psychiatry.

The seventh was on May 27th - “Effective Strategies to Help Improve Feeding In Children with Developmental Delays”. Chitra Thadathil, M.Sc.(Speech and Hearing), is a speech-language pathologist, renowned expert in Oral Sensory Motor Therapy, and the founder and director of Dimensions Centre for Child Development, Bengaluru.

The eighth one was on May 29th on “Understanding Learning Disability: Diagnosis and Assessment” by Isha Singh, M.Phil. Clinical Psychology and Deepali Bedi M.Phil. Clinical Psychology.

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