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Occupational Therapy helps with child’s fine motor skills

An Occupational Therapist works on a child’s fine motor skills along with other skills. Occupational Therapy as part of an early intervention program works on the functional aspects of motor and sensory development. An Occupational Therapist can work on the functional fine motor skills like eating, buttoning, wearing clothes, writing, holding pencil, turning the pages in a book, cutting with scissors etc.

A Few OT Activities for Fine Motor Skills Development are:

  • Beading with thread/pipe cleaners

  • Sorting

  • Screwing & Unscrewing

  • Clipping cloth pins

  • Crumpling paper

  • Form drawings

  • Buttoning/unbuttoning

  • Finger knitting

  • Braiding

  • Wool winding

  • Finger rhymes

  • Finger puppet stories

  • Pebble sorting

  • Putting coins in a coin box

  • Zip/unzip

  • Open/close jar lids/tiffin boxes

  • Cutting paper

  • Ball rolling

  • Stacking blocks/Lego

  • Lacing

  • Tracing patterns

When children are unable to perform day to day tasks (as mentioned above) it has social implication for the child both at home and at school.

Age appropriate fine motor skills have a significant impact on how the child does at school, home and with his/her peers. Underdeveloped fine motor skills can have a negative impact on a child’s self-esteem, poor play skills and affect their academics too.

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