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Raising 2 kids with Autism

Parenting though considered to be a beautiful journey, can also be challenging. Especially when you have 2 children with special needs.

Researchers have also said that sticking to a routine, not only for the children but also the family help them cope with anxiety and change.

One thing parents of special children must keep in mind is, all kids with autism are different. If everyone was the same, what you did with one kid should’ve been okay for the other as well. But we very well know that it does not work that way. One might want to be left along while the other might want attention all the time! One has to come up with different strategies for each child. The more things you try, the more you can rule out and keep (1).

It is essential that parents join a community or meet other families who are going to similar journey as they are. It will help parents feel more confident, have someone else to talk to and feel like they aren’t the only ones going through the journey.

In a survey conducted recently many parents with 2 children on the spectrum have said that it is easier to adapt to the needs / expectations of their special children rather than the other way around – so the quicker parents develop flexible thinking the easier the journey is going to be for them.

It is also important for the parents to stay fit and healthy both physically and mentally in order to help their children. A study suggested that mothers that have 2 children with Autism or any other special needs show more symptoms of depression and anxiety. They might also show difficulties with emotional bonding with family and adapting to changes.




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