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Early Intervention

Our Early Intervention Program is based on our 13 years of experience in working with children with developmental delays and special needs. Research shows that children with developmental delays will hugely benefit from early intervention. Research and numerous studies show that families should not to use the “wait and see” method before starting the early intervention. 'Wait and see' can have significant and negative consequences. Starting Early intervention helps children not only in their overall development but also in their academic success.

​Identifying special needs and developmental delays at a very young age in children and providing timely support to them by joining them in an early intervention program is an effective way to improve their Cognitive ability, Language ability, and Social interaction. Ananya has been offering the Early Intervention Program to very young children – as young as 12 months – for over 16 years in Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

​Many parents who suspect developmental delays in their very young children (between one and two years) come to Ananya for screening and diagnosis. Some parents come to Ananya after their Pediatrician had recommended a screening/evaluation for their very young child. The day the developmental delay is confirmed, after screening, Ananya recommends an Early Intervention Program for the child. Ananya has an expert team of paediatric therapists and early interventionists offering evidence-based therapies to very young children. ​

Ananya believes that the Early Intervention Program gives significant results because all the therapies and sessions for each child are carefully selected as per the child’s requirements. Ananya’s therapy plan covers various developmental goals. Therapies are done in a play form, making it fun and easy for children to learn. ​Ananya encourages Parental involvement during all stages of the therapies and they receive instructions and parent training and workshops. Parents learn about various strategies they need to use at home on a daily basis for successful outcomes in their child’s progress.

​The early intervention program at Ananya Is provided in a toddler safe environment matching international standards and delivered by trained, experienced therapists.


1. Do you offer short-term programs?


​Yes, we do offer short-term programs for people who are visiting Hyderabad. ​

2. Enrollment Dates

Enrollment is accepted throughout the year.  

3. Admission Process

For a child to be considered for placement in our Early Intervention Program, parents need to come for a consultation with our Child Psychologist along with their child's most recent (less than 6 months old) assessment/evaluation report. ​The final decision for acceptance of the child into the program is determined by the Ananya Team after going through the reports. 


Enrollment can take place once all admission requirements are met.

If your child had a recent diagnosis of developmental delay, you can consider joining your child in an Early Intervention Program. Please book a consultation with our Child Psychologist to find out more.

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