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How occupational therapy helps your child to get prepared for school?


Children spend a major part of their growing up in schools. This way, the child can develop the most appropriate skills that aid him or her to adjust to an independent or responsible life. You might feel that transiting from home to school is not a big deal, but that is where most people are wrong. This shift is a very important part of both the growth and development of a child. Irrespective of whether the child is beginning pre-school or kindergarten, you need to know whether he or she is ready.

School readiness refers to a broad range of skills. Apart from a few academic basics, the school readiness skills also include attention, concentration, self-care, physical skills, emotional regulation, play skills, language skills, and social skills. The time that the child spends in school is supposed to be one of his or her happiest times. But every child is not ready to take a major step. Every child is different and therefore the method to get them ready for school is also completely different.

It is therefore important that the parents speak to their children, understand their qualms and anxieties, and reassure them that they are doing fine. There are also times when the children require an additional boost. You can provide it to them with the help of certain therapies.

What is an Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy helps the children to get accustomed to the schooling norms and thereby helps them to adjust to their future lives. You also need to find out if your child has certain special needs. It is through the evaluation process that you will be able to find out if your child needs special attention. This evaluation checklist includes:

1. Grasping a pencil and drawing simple shapes and lines

2. Scissor skills – Cutting squares and circles

3. Social skills – Communicating with friends and peers

4. Pre-writing and the drawing skills

5. Organizational skills – Playing with different building blocks

6. Self-care skills – Using washrooms or opening their lunch boxes

7. Concentration/Attention – Reading & Repeating

This assessment is done in a fun way and therefore, it will not be tedious for a pre-schooler.

To get your child ready for school, these are the 3 tips that you can try:

· Read

· Play

· Make friends

Occupational therapy has proved to be very helpful for kids who need extra care. This therapy helps in taking out the best abilities of a child and helps them to get all set for a blissful and comfortable life.

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