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Some important skills a mother should learn to manage a child with Autism

When your child is first diagnosed, you will likely find yourself fulfilling many roles: care coordinator, therapist, parent, teacher, etc. In order to help your child with autism, provide a structure, be consistent by sticking to a schedule, reward good behaviour and create a home safety zone where your child can relax, feel secure and be safe. Find non-verbal ways to connect by looking for cues, figure out the motivation behind a tantrum, make time for fun and most importantly pay attention to your child’s sensory sensitivities. One of the most important roles you will have is serving as your child’s advocate. Advocating for your child will be a lifelong journey that will require different skills depending on your child’s needs.

1. Take Responsibility - Be a leader 

2. Learn - Be an expert 

3. Think Critically - Be discerning 

4. Speak with Authority- Be proactive 

5. Document - Be prepared 

6. Collaborate - Be a team builder 

7. Educate - Be a voice for your child

8. Feel confident about your own decisions

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