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School Readiness Program

Our “School Readiness Program” is specially designed for children with Developmental Delays and Special Needs, prepares young children with developmental delays and special needs for the rigours of a mainstream school by equipping them with the required learning skills and coping mechanisms.

We are the pioneers in offering this program in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. We have been enhancing the program with new techniques and methodologies and the program keeps developing making it more comprehensive and personalized. With its personalized approach, the program works using specific therapies and modules, specific to each child and parents to ensure that each child develops the necessary skills to achieve a smooth transition into a mainstream school.

A transition into school can be an emotional and stressful time for children and parents alike, but even more so for a child with special needs – and the School Readiness program draws on extensive experience to provide children with the practical and social skills necessary in a classroom environment.

80 per cent of all children diagnosed with special needs and developmental delays can progress to a mainstream school at some point, but sadly the majority are not taught the skills to cope – and that often leads to social isolation and unable to thrive in school.

Our School Readiness program helps children learn about the typical school rituals, including how to sit on the floor and at the table for activities and lessons, care for themselves, work in groups, turn-taking and responding and following the teacher’s instructions. Many children from Ananya Child Development & Early Intervention Clinic have successfully made the transition to mainstream schools because of this program.

Parents are concerned about how their children would cope in the group environment and structured approach of a mainstream school and knew they would have difficulty with basic tasks like joining in with other children, staying quiet on the mat and putting her bag away at the start of the day – so we ensure that she had all the necessary training and preparation to make such the big move.

Participating in Ananya’s School Readiness program gives parents more confidence – and gives children the opportunity to learn and practice a range of tasks encountered at school before they attend a mainstream school.

Depending on the Children and their Assessment Report, Ananya recommends one /two hours sessions 3-5 times a week for a year. For best results, children should take up the program 8 - 12 months prior to a child’s admission in a mainstream school and involves about 500 hours of transition support.

1. Enrollment Dates

Enrollment is accepted throughout the year.  

2. Admission Process

For a child to be considered for placement in our School Readiness Program, parents need to come for a consultation with our Child Psychologist along with their child's most recent (less than 6 months old) assessment/evaluation report. 

If your child had a recent diagnosis of Developmental Delay/ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), you can consider joining your child in our School Readiness Program. Please book a consultation with our Child Psychologist to find out more.

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