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Webinar Videos

Strategies for Improving Fine Motor &  Handwriting
By: Kerri Surtees
June 26th 2020
Teaching Reading Successfully
By: Natalie Hale
June 23th 2020
Sensory Strategies for Teaching Self-Regulation
By: Kerri Surtees
June 19th 2020
The Senses and Sensory Processing
By: Kerri Surtees
June 13th 2020
Introduction of Intensive Interaction
By: Sara Griffiths
June 9th 2020
Teaching Self-Care Skills to Children (ADLs)
By: Kerri Surtees
 May 15th 2020
Speech and Language Development in Children between 0-6 years
By: Nicola Lathey, Speech Therapist, founder of Owl Centre UK
May 13th 2020
Q&A on Autism Therapy
By: Isha Singh and Madhavi Adimulam - Ananya
May 9th 2020
Managing Difficult Behaviours at Home
By: Dr. Andrew Nelson, Director of Direct Services WV Autism Training Center, USA & Dr. Catherile Goffreda Bailey, Psychologist and Autism Specialist, Marshall University, WV, USA
May 22nd 2020
Speech Therapy Ideas for Home
By: Rynette Hartman, Speech and Language Therapist, Foxes Academy, UK
May 18th 2020
Teaching Selfcare Skills to Children (ADLs)
By: Kerri Surtees, Paediatric Occupational Therapist, Quebec, Canada
May 15th 2020
Effective Strategies to Improve Feeding in Children with Developmental Delays
By: Ms Chitra Thadathil, SLP, Dimensions Bangalore
May 27th 2020
Understanding ADHD 
By: Ms Isha Singh and Dr Saurabh Kumar, MD Psychiatry, AIIMS, Delhi
May 25th 2020